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Womans Commitee

Women’s Committee Goals and Objectives
Vision and commitment to the health and well being of women and girls globally.


The Phen-Dey Foundation supports projects to nurture and support Tibetan woman and
girls for generations to come. The health of women and girls determines the well being of
a village.


The Foundation is dedicated to the goal of promoting the well being of Tibetan women
and girls through financial support, participation, empowerment, advocacy, education, and

Current Support

The Foundation provides financial assistance with encouragement to embark on small businesses according to their intended individual skillset and particular circumstance. Requesting women’s groups
provide a proposal with commitment to provide monitoring, reporting, accounting and metrics tailored to the project. The goal is to ensure individuals within the group are able to continue and ultimately graduate into a sustainable livelihood and economic empowerment.

Current Projects: 

* Grant was awarded to the Regional Tibetan Norgyeling Women’s Association (RTNWA) in Bhandara, India for sewing machines and materials to create and repair traditional costumes and garments. Funding was also provided to help purchase a building for RTNWA to use for working/sewing and have a meeting space.

* Assiting RTNWA with the CoronaVirus Pandemic Feeding Program, providing food and masks sewn by RTNWA to the village and neighboring villages. This included the sewing of over 3,100 masks and pounds of food.

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