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Current Update: 

Over 3100 Masks have been made and distributed throughout the village and neighboring communities. Norgyeling continues to be vigilant with social distancing and education.


Past updates:

April 24, 2020:

Currently 533 residents of the Norgyeling settlement are healthy and doing well, but both the settlement and neighboring villages are still on lock down. Currently no one has tested Positive for Covid-19


Phen-Dey Foundation continues to support Tibetan villages and surrounding Indian communities with food, water, PPE and testing equipment in order to assist with the spreading Covid-19 pandemic. 


The village has set up a task force led by the Norgyeling Women's Association to help inform people about social distancing, hand washing and keep the residents up to date with necessary information. Our initial donation  helped bring in food for both Norgyeling and surrounding Indian villages. 


Wisdom Springs’ water project continues to function well providing fresh water and stability.

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